Life at Twenty/Twenty


Life at Twenty/Twenty is all about the convergence of multiple disciplines.
We are a diverse mix of scientists, inventors, engineers and doctors.
Mostly, we’re eager to explore the innovations that arise where all these fields intersect.

“I look forward to work every day because we’re developing exciting technologies that will change the way health care can be delivered.”

Solving Big Challenges

Driven by our desire to improve patient lives, Twenty/Twenty employees are solving big challenges, such as:

  • Finding the next leap forward in diagnostics and prevention
  • Offering doctors real-time data on the eye’s response to treatment
  • Saving eyesight by applying AI and microelectronics

“I love being surrounded by coworkers so motivated by a sense of purpose.”


Making Your Mark

Twenty/Twenty is smaller and more specialized than our parent companies.

Our collective ownership ideal makes each employee an important collaborator in our mission to Prevent and Halt Vision Loss.

Every individual on our team has a stake in advancing the entire portfolio of products and initiatives.

Imagine the Breakthroughs We Can Make Together

Learn What Brings Meaning to Twenty/Twenty Employees

What drew you to Twenty/Twenty?

“I was excited to discover the freedom we have to direct our own work. Startups usually entail high-pressure to show growth and revenue. But Twenty/Twenty fosters innovation, not shortcuts.”


“So many people I used to run into were intellectually bored. They found themselves working on things that really could have happened 10 or 20 years ago but had been pushed aside for various status quo reasons. At Twenty/Twenty, we’re applying new thinking and exciting technology that is going to retire those old-school ways.”


“There’s a false belief in Silicon Valley that you either do deep research that never sees the light of day, or you have to work on consumer products and grind it out, rushing a new model to market each year. Twenty/Twenty appealed to me because I knew that I could work on cutting-edge research AND actually deliver something to the patient to improve their lives.”


What keeps you engaged?

“Instead of focusing on ‘What product can we launch this year to gain market share’, we look at ‘What problem can we solve?’ And that keeps me engaged because new challenges arise through the product life-cycle as it approaches market. It may begin with the efficacy of a therapy, then focus on reliability and yield, patient adoption and ease-of-use, then mass production and quality, demonstration and product display. I don’t foresee ever being bored.”

“I look forward to work every day because we are working on very exciting technology that will change the way health care can be delivered. It’s more than just showing great potential. What’s important to me is that the path to actually helping people retain their vision is very realistic.”

“It’s so enriching to interact with and learn from people across many areas of expertise. At the same time, sharing your own research with others really helps solidify one’s understanding and mastery of the topic. There’s no better way to advance your knowledge.”

Learn What Brings Meaning to Twenty/Twenty Employees

Structured as a learning organization, we provide the support that empowers bright minds on the quest for ophthalmic breakthroughs and novel therapies.

Lifelong Learning

Supportive learning environment
Concrete learning processes and practices
Leadership behavior that provides reinforcement

Collaboration &
Collective Ownership

Skill and knowledge is shared

Everyone takes full ownership

We hold each other accountable

Excellence with Integrity & Efficiency

Quality products that delight

Authenticity and positive personal values

Sense of urgency without shortcuts

Mutual Respect

Everyone valued for who they are and what they bring to the table

Celebrate diversity

Truth, Transparency & Trust

Product Innovation & Obsession with the Customer

Ideas are shared and help offered
Products are continuously improved
Feedback from Doctors and Patients are sought after and implemented in product features