Intravitreal Injection*

Intravitreal Injection

Personalizing IVI therapy

Intravitreal injection (IVI) therapy is widely used for nvAMD and DR, but over 10% of patients don’t adquently respond and undergo multiple cycles before changing therapy, risking vision loss. Biomarkers could help physicians personalize treatment for individual patients.

Our advanced intravitreal injection technology allows for tissue sampling and therapeutic injection in one step, analyzing vitreous biomarkers to determine the best treatment options for macular degeneration patients.

Anticipated Benefits:

  • Personalized therapy based on biomarkers
  • Reduced risk of IVI complications
  • Eliminates current “trial and error” approach for macular degeneration therapy

*Note: These products in development have not been evaluated by FDA, and are not available for sale in the United States.