Kali Home*

Kali Home

Transforming Glaucoma Management with At-Home Eye Pressure Monitoring

Infrequent IOP (intraocular pressure) measurements can limit glaucoma management, but Kali Home aims to change that.

This take-home device will enable patients to self-monitor their eye pressure, enhancing disease tracking and providing data for more personalized glaucoma care.

Kali Home* will offer:

  • LED-based guidance assistance for effortless self-alignment
  • Automatic measurement capture
  • Bluetooth connectivity with our mobile app for trend analysis and seamless communication with the patient’s eye care professional
  • Integrates into our Twenty/Twenty Vision Suite for comprehensive glaucoma management

Stay tuned for the Kali Home revolution in glaucoma management!

*Note: These products in development have not been evaluated by FDA, and are not available for sale in the United States.