Kali Smart Dropper*

Kali Smart Dropper

Enhancing Eye Drop Adherence with Innovative Technology

Applying and tracking eye drop medication can be challenging, but the Kali Smart Dropper aims to change that. This smart eye dropper assistant will help boost adherence by reminding patients to take their drops, confirming they were applied correctly, and assisting with data collection and reporting.

The Kali Smart Dropper* will be a lightweight, portable,device designed to attach to an eye drop bottle. As a connected smart eye dropper, it will provide drop instillation assistance and real-time tracking of successful drop use.

Features of the Kali Smart Dropper* will include:

  • Guidance feedback during drop application
  • Detection of successful drop installation
  • Adherence tracking and reminders via our mobile app
  • Integrates into our Twenty/Twenty Vision Suite for comprehensive glaucoma management

*Note: These products in development have not been evaluated by FDA, and are not available for sale in the United States.