Viscous Microdose Delivery*

Viscous Microdose Delivery

Simplifying Eye Drop Instillation

Applying eye drops correctly can be challenging due to aiming difficulties, blinking or flinching and dexterity issues

Our aim is to make eye drop application easier, while reducing waste. This innovative device automatically releases a microdose of the selected eye drop onto the ocular surface (not the eyelids) using a unique LED aiming technique, triggered right after the user blinks!

This product will come with interchangeable cartridges of ophthalmic eye drops, starting with lubricating artificial tears to help manage dry eye symptoms.

Key features will include:

  • Horizontal eye drop delivery
  • LED-guided aiming for precise drop placement
  • Automatic blink delivery and a manual delivery option
  • Connectivity with our mobile app for eye drop and symptom tracking, as well as adherence reminders

*Note: These products in development have not been evaluated by FDA, and are not available for sale in the United States.