VS 2020

Introducing the VS 2020

Self Guided Entrance Exams, Anywhere Anytime

The VS2020 is a virtual reality platform engineered to enhance patient engagement, reduce staff involvement, and deliver objective measurements.. With our unique self-guided technology, patients can independently complete seven common entrance tests from any location within your practice.

Test results are uploaded to a secure provider portal and can be evaluated from any device on your network. Embrace the future of eye care with the VS2020 platform!

7 Entrance Exams in one platform

Pupil response ● Eye motility ● Eye alignment, alternative cover test ● Eye alignment, unilateral cover/ uncover ● Color vision ● Contrast sensitivity ● Screening visual fields

TrueTrac gaze based navigation

The first Hands-free VR based testing experience. Helps standardize the exam process, while minimizing false click errors.

Dynamic Viewing / Reporting

Manage the testing process from any connected device on your network, With dynamic reporting, results can be analyzed for changes over time, giving you deeper insights into your patients’ eye health.