Fighting Blindness with Groundbreaking Neuroprotection Lenses

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a rare inherited disease that often results in blindness and currently, no definitive treatment is available.

Our Neuroprotection Lens offers hope by aiming to slow or halt retinal degeneration in RP patients and other neurodegenerative eye diseases through transcorneal stimulation.

This product will utilize transcorneal stimulation to slow or halt retinal degeneration in patients with RP and other degenerative eye diseases.

  • Clinical data supports neuro-protective and vision enhancing efficacy
  • Well-tolerated, non-invasive therapy

Tackling the challenges of degenerative eye disease with our revolutionary Neuroprotection Lens.

*Note: These products in development have not been evaluated by FDA, and are not available for sale in the United States.